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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 14, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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a fund-raiser forcalifornia's health insurance exchange. then in january of lastyear, the lapd responded to anonymous tip and came here to richard's mansion here in the hollywood hills, he was found to be alert in responsive. our last doon with richard was in august of 2013 and this moment caught our attention. >> when the king gets depressed, he doesn't call for his wife or the cook, he calls for the little man with the pointed hat. an says to the court jester, make me happy. and i am that court jester. >> on saturday in a called the haunted day light of richard simmons, "new york daily news" cit former friend who sa richard is being tormented by black magic from his housekeeper.
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>> is she holding hostage? >> no, teresa has been with me for 30 years, so we're like an old married couple. >> when was the last you actually left your house? >> i go on rides go on walks, but, you know, i haven't do television lately. i still weigh 150. i work out every day, i have a gym the house and i'm very healthy. it was time for me take some time to be by myself. you know, for the last 40 years, i've been traveling, teaching classes, and had a knee injury, so i had a knee replacement which was very difficult for me. and now my other knee is hurting and i don't want to have another replacement. so i've just been taking it eas no one should be worried about me. >> our relationship with richard goes all the way back to when "e.t" began. here's our first interview more than 30 ago and what he
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told us about his plans fo an exciting come back. >> there's nothing wrong with ri taking a little time for himself. ben affleck is finally speaking out his ex, jennifer garner. ben was all smiles this weekend after l.a.x. taking not just one or two, but 21 selfies with in just about three minutes, why so happy? probably because he had a big movie to promote. but today we're learning the new fallout from ben's "vanity fair" admissions, jen actually scheduled -- the interview finally happened just hours before he and jen made their separate oscar party appearances, what he says a their relationship now. there's a keyword, quote, jen's a great person, we're on great terms. i just saw her this morning and that's the reality i live in. why jen talked so publicly about
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ben's nannygate, she can talk about it. it's just for her new role, ironically, she plays a mom loses it after her marriage falls apart after the movie the trials of palos very december. >> this weekend this video went entire rule of jee crashing a mother daughter dance while shoo film. >> i was telling my daughter, who is she, mom? first i said it was a capital one commercial and then i said. >> it was a wild weekend for blake shelton, he took first shot at hosting the kiss choice awards an turned it into a family night with girlfriend gwen stefani and her kids.
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>> i like those kids a lot. >> ah, gwen, how did the globetrotter actually make it date night. stephani was other than 5,000 miles away, but thanks to her snap chat obsession and her son, gwen wasn't faraway. she sent an orange carpet representative, seems like blake influenced gwen's 7-year-old wearing cowboy boots some friends. and while her v crew was there helping blake, gwen was trying to find a live stream of the show from japan. st trk gwen then posted blame's slim moment, tweeting, omg, love
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social media, i wish i could be there to. blake and gwen got nosey on her snap chat. megan has made her new albu thank you, a family affair. >> my mom is singing on album. she's saying she lovesme. and john stamos was surprisingly solo at nancy reagan's funeral on friday. >> how did you guysmeet? are y happy? >> while he didn't avoid a good sliming, maybe kaitlin like this look, as for shelton, he'll be reyreunited with gwen on saturday night. blake has a couple of days to scrub all that slime off before he's back on stage and blake is
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playing buffalo, new york saturday as his national tour continues. the kablock story continues, katy perry and orlando bloom just got back from eur katy's trying really hard t avoid paparazzi as she walked through l.a.x. on saturday. but things must have gone well for kabloom where orlando was introduced to mom on saturday night. but he was all smiles as he trailed ten mibehind her. >> this is a strange convince dance. >> the couple managed to defy the photographers, no one got a shot of them together. they even left the a separately. another l.a.x. mob scene. >> selena gomes craziness. >> the most popular celeb on instagram had a crush of fans and photographers on friday,
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sebut by fridaynight, she was back on stage with h idol celine dion. phe totally fan in a celine t-shirt posting pics with her posse. model having a girl's day before taylor dropped carly off at her hotel. check out taylor's cat stickers on her phone. the kardashian effect. okay so she's techni a jenner, but kiley's fast becoming the most popular s of the bunch. fans are waiting to catch a glimpse of her. kiley dressed in a bubble gum pink suede minidress snap
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chatted during the event. and kiley's brand is expanding. >> who will ben >> find out why this "voice" contestant dropped out of destiny's child before they made it bi then the cast of empire is giving up some new season secrets. and we're behind the scenes as ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> we'll be right back.
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tomorrow on "e.t," we have the first scenes from the new big screen
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cast of "empire" got together for first night of their hit. we went to the party looking for some secrets before the show returns on the 30th. this is how you get "empire" new the cast together and pry those secrets loose. >> what we did on seffset, we h each other, and then the moment somebody walks away, we talk about them. >> terrence took over the p they got to host. meanwhile on the red carpet, set to rest the rumor that trey buyers is leaving the show. >> well, somebody dies.
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i'm going to tease that. and, you know, you don't know who over empire. >> this exclusive look at the mid season premier, lucious wages war for the empire. >> you think this is some kind game? >> get out of my office. >> on tonight's episodes o supergirl. >> supergirl is hit wi red kryptonite, lo inhibition, you will not believe what comes out of her mouth in this episode. >> you're getting hit on by supergirl. how do you turn down a superhero. >> very carefully. >> that's some kissing going on on set there. >> this is pretty cool. >> the "e.t" family was over the place, michelle moderated the blackish panel and one of
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best moments was when tracey ellis roth admitted she didn't really care for casey anderson. what she tells me about being in a band beyonce and playing backup for prince. plus tonight, it's the finale, find out who we're hearing could be the next bache and richard simmons tells us if he'll ever make a public come back he shows us his home just after hurricane katrina. >> it's my overwhehome. >> that's next.
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now our preview of tonight's bachelor finale. >> i'm thinking a something and it's making me nervounervou.
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>> he'll either choose lauren or the one that really has baggage, jojo. >> do i love him more than he loves me? >> myprediction is lauren that was a smile. you're turning red. i can tell. >> so who's the next bachelorette? >> i might do it again because i did fall in love. >> all will be revealed tonight on abc. tonight on nbc, it's "the voice" and the battle rounds begin. tamar spent her entire career this close to superstardom. and she early member of the group that eventually became destiny's child. but maybe, finally maybe, it's her time.
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that's beyonce back in 1993, look behind her, there's tamar. her parents pulled her out of the group so she could go to school. oh, what could have been. >> what was it like watching those girls as you're going to school and you're seeing them on their journey? and they became huge. it was very hard for me. i had not spoken to the girls since we were 10 years old. >> 13 years later, tamar a beyonce reunited. >> beyonce wa in a role in front of me and we ended hugging each other. an i was like, are we really grown women hugging each ore the grammys? she an early standout on the but everyone has their own path to suck session.
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. >> right now patty labelle is her advisor. there she is in 2006, "e.t" cameras caught her singing backup with another star in her corner, tyler perry, he's actually the only reason she's there. >> he kept saying, how are yo going to pursue your music? >> i got to ask you, the voice said, let's reach out to prin maybe kellyroadman or michelle? >> i would love to do a beyonce song. is there a prince song you want to the? >> if prince would do purple rain and somehow just come up out of the floor, definitely a hands down performance. >> we also spoke to denny who's on pharell's team as an advisor.
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>> don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone because the greatest part of you is the undiscovered part of you. >> richard simmons tells why he chose to remove himself from the public eye. we have followed richard for 30 years, every tear, every triumph. >> richard was just 33 years old, that charisma and hiss gift to motivate was there the beginning. >> you made a mistake, but that's okay, we can fix it. >> now that going through his alone time, we sensed his commitment to help others is still very much there but he some time. >> people have been very good to
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me. but it's time for richard simmons to take care of richard simmons. >> he does more than just help people loses weight, he lifts up their souls. >> that's what my videos do more than anything is make somebody say, hey, i may not everybody be a size 5, but i terrific person. people have been wonderful to me, they have accepted me, they have loved me and i appreciate all of them and i will for the rest of my life. >> in 2005, he took us to new orleans right after hurricane katrina devastate hometown. >> oh, my god, this is bourbon street. how are they goong to get this water out? this is home, this is where i started. >> in rece years richard helped judge our annual pot luck contest and he even served as our special correspondent for "dancing with the stars" where he previewed
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the dancing at his hollywood home. >> it's broadway night on "dancing with the stars." >> and while miss him and his boundless energy, promises that we'll see him again soon. >> one day i'll come back, but light now i'm just busy doing some of the wonderful thing i'm doing, i'm writing a new book, and just doing things for me. >> when you give so much for so long, it toll on you, take some time for yourself. but richard, we will be waiting right here. and tomorrow we have more priceless moments from ou "e.t" vault. >> next "e.t." >> t little man with 2 pointed hat, and i am the court jester. >> inside the house where he's been hiding for years, and we'll look back at his battle with own busine obesit obesity. that's tomorrow.
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next on kron-4 news at eight:
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a prestigious bay area university. faced with yet another accusation of sexual harrassment against a high level staff member. the latest on what is going on at cal. pluis, a major north bay thorough shutdown. the days of rain may be over for now, but the hazards and problems left behind are dramatic all over the bay area. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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"e.t", david coster caught on camera questioning his marriage to yolanda. plus, only "e.t" is on the set for the major crimes wedding. could another i do be in the works. >> i imagine at some point, that will be the case, but i don't when. >> i think i've just been proposed so. >> we're with the cast on
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celebrating an "e.t" birthday today, chris kline is 37, billy crystal is 68 and sir michael caine is 83. we're out of sometim we have one more thing for you to check out a say good night. >> bryan and dierks bentley shooting a program for the acm awards, dierks is taking over now at eight. on the freeway and on the streets, richmond is losing the battle against gang violence. tonight we look at why the police have failed to stem the
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rising number of shootings. whoosh u-c berkeley's popular basketball coach. out of a job, as a result of sexual abuse shocking record of accusations toll in the east bay. relatves find themselves caring for three small children, orphaned in an instant. tthey're traumatized they're their parents are reservoirs. tonight we ask east bay water officials about easing drought restrictions literal scar on the bay area. we in a full hour of your choice for prime time news. good evening, i'm pam moore. an east bay community.on edge tonight following a string of deadly shootings in recent weeks. the latest.a 21 year-old gunned down over the weekend. kron 4's jr stone is live in


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